2012 Capricorn Rashifal Horoscope – Love & Relationships

2012 Capricorn Rashifal Horoscope –...

Be patient in issues related to love. There may be some not-so-happy times in your love life. Deal with them sensibly. Do not ignore your relationship commitments for your work. If you already have a stable relationship, have faith in your partner. But if you are starting a new relationship, be careful not to trust your partner blindly. Parents will be there by your side when it comes to your love matters. If possible, go on a short trip with your beloved.

2012 Aquarius Rashifal Horoscope –...

In the first quarter of 2012, you will strengthen the bond between yourself and your partner. However, your relationship might go through troubled waters in the 2nd quarter. Spend the necessary time to understand your beloved better. If you have plans to take your relationship to the next level, this is the right time to do it. Don’t let your ego come between you and your partner. Your selfless love will be reciprocated positively.

2012 Pisces Rashifal Horoscope – L...

There are chances that you could find your true love this year. All you need to do is look around. The year could bring some special moments that you can treasure for years to come. Your partner will be there for you when you need him/her. If you are thinking of tying the knot, this year is a good time to do it. Try not to be affected by the temperament of your partner/spouse. You will have an overall contented relationship in 2012.