2012 Capricorn Rashifal Horoscope – General

2012 Capricorn Rashifal Horoscope –...

2012 promises to be a fulfilling year for the Capricorns. Your hard work will bear fruit this year and you could be in the spotlight for your accomplishments. You will find yourself sharing a stronger bond with your family. You’ll have a number of opportunities for self-development, professional growth and regaining self-confidence.
2012 Aquarius Rashifal Horoscope – General

2012 Aquarius Rashifal Horoscope –...

2012 comes as a godsend to the Aquarians in terms of self-improvement. This year, you’ll strive to materialize your ideas. You will be able to defeat your foes. Your new endeavours will be successful. Projects that failed earlier will yield good results this year. Your marital status may be changed. Overall, it’s a bright year for you.

2012 Pisces Rashifal Horoscope – G...

For the Pisces native, 2012 is the year to settle down. It promises to be beneficial for you in every aspect of life. Rewards, responsibilities and rejuvenation are on the cards this year.